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My island- sweet Jamaica! There are so many stereo types about this country that people who don’t have all the facts pass judgement before actually finding out for themselves. In this post i hope to shatter all the stereotypical nonsense and introduce you to a place you will want to visit. Jamaica is an island 10,990 sq km long with beautiful, breathtaking scenery, picturesque mountains and beaches and tons of attractions for the curious, adventurous and fun loving. Its people are among the most misunderstood and misjudged. Jamaicans a very passionate and emotional but also very warm and inviting. We are by no means complicated. For years we have fought for everything we now enjoy freely so we feel the need to protect territory and also our lives. Any person can visit this country and feel right at home. Jamaica is not unlike any other country with its troubles, but the crime and violence fades in comparison to the plethora of history, in this wonderful tourist destination. Dunn’s river falls one of Jamaica’s most popular attractions located on Jamaica’s north coast and also the location of the 1962 James Bond movie. Its crystal clear waters are inviting and the ideal thing to do on one of our hot summer days. Its a fruitful island. There is always some delicious fruit in season that you can enjoy straight from the tree

The food also is one of the highlights. No matter how peculiar your palette is there is something on the menu you can appreciate. From spicy to mild, savoury or sweet the choice is yours.As I bring this post to a close, I wouldn’t have accomplished my purpose if i didn’t talk about the people who make this exceptional country what it is. The following list of adjectives describe the life and people on the island: loving, caring, kind, hospitable, hardworking, ambitious, industrious, passionate, elegant and fashionable, sympathetic and the list goes on and on.

I could say any number of things but it would mean nothing, unless you visited and got to see and experience it firsthand. Forget all the things you’ve heard. Its worth the trip.

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